Course Offerings

Training Customized to Your Needs

ESGI ClassIn addition to common scenario emergency preparedness and response, we specialize in developing programs to address atypical threats, ranging from weapons of mass destruction response to terrorism and mass casualty, to medical operations in austere environments. All of our course offerings are unique to the client; each is tailored, developed, and delivered specifically to the individual needs of the customer. We utilize didactic, practical, and immersive techniques to maximize the education of the adult-learner. We can use whatever facilities you have available to you. We’ve held classes that utilized everything from a single classroom up to an entire education facility.

Along with training your organization, we can give you the training and tools to continue training your people. We will give you the support you need to continue educating your members and make sure they are up to date on the latest information, tools and techniques.

ESGI can provide support as you form your response programs. We can help you navigate the information that’s out there, and make sure you have the best equipment, training and policies in place to meet your organization’s needs.


Past clients of ESGI partners include Federal Emergency Response teams, Fire and EMS systems, Federal and local Police departments, large commercial companies, non-profit companies, hospitals, and military special operations teams.

Click on the topics below to see a sampling of course offerings. If you have any questions, or don’t see what you need, please contact us to help you obtain what you’re looking for.