ESGI’s Fling Patient Tracking Software Selected to Participate in DHS Assessment at Grand Central Terminal

Emergency Services Group International, (ESGI) is Selected to Participate in Department of Homeland Security Assessment at Grand Central Terminal with its FLING patient tracking software.

Release Date: 11/2/17

Ashburn, VA

For Immediate Release Media Contact,

Along with other emergency services situational awareness tools tested this weekend ESGI’s FLING patient tracking software was evaluated at Grand Central Terminal in New York City by the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate’s National Urban Security Technology Laboratory and associated public safety entities.  The exercise was designed to simulate a critical large scale incident which resulted in a number of injured victims.  The FLING platform was successfully utilized by several operational elements in multiple locations, both within and outside Grand Central Terminal, to leverage the use of technology by first responders in critical incidents and realize real-time situational awareness on whereabouts of patients during mass casualty events.  The Department of Homeland Security will be publishing an assessment report within a few months regarding the exercise and all technologies presented.20171028_171412

The information regarding this weekend’s exercise can be found here.

The FLING team was honored to be selected to participate in New York City to test our technology in a complex urban forum. Patient tracking is a critical component to incident resolution in all event types including terrorism and natural disasters. Fling is a simple to use, novel, and scalable approach to patient tracking that police, fire, ems, emergency management, or disaster relief organizations can use from a cell phone or tablet. Fling is proprietary and unique technology that tracks patients with their facial features rather than a tag, barcode, or chip.   More information regarding FLING can be found at or at the email above to schedule a demo.