Free App Allows Responders to Track Patients Throughout Incident

Track Patients With Your iPhone

What is your organization’s plan for tracking patients in a Mass Casualty Incident? Triage tags? Triage boards? Pen and paper? Do you have a plan?

Now you can equip every member of your organization with the ability to enter and update each patient’s status through the course of the incident. All you need to do this is a tool your members are probably carrying in their pocket already, an iPhone.

Fling is a simple intuitive patient tracker app designed by emergency care providers. It allows you to take a picture of a patient, enter some simple demographics and triage status, then “Fling” the information to a central database.

The next care provider to treat that patient, performs the same procedure, and updates the patient’s status. All this information can then me monitored by you organization to keep track of patient numbers, condition and location to help reunite family members and track resource utilization.

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